The Lazy Way To Write Your Crazy-Converting, Authentic About Page In 7 Foolproof Steps (And Less Than 1 Hour)

Having a shitty about page is like walking down the red carpet to the Oscars’ in an old, smelly garbage bag with a freakin’ banana-peel on your head:

Highly embarrassing, painfully shameful and actually pretty damn easy to avoid.

Imagine that YOU can be the star of the show in your business! You glide down the red carpet in a stunning, glittery and tailor-made Valentino robe that brings out the very, very best in you. Peoples’ faces magically light up in awe when you pass them by and enchant them with your authentic smile.

YOU are the reason they’re here. They love you and want more of you. But most importantly? They wanna BUY FROM YOU!

And they don’t even care how much you charge.

Do you want to be that star? Do you want to be the one who shines a bright, significant light for others? And do you want to be the one who makes all that cash?

Great. I’ll get you there in 7 foolproof steps, less than 1 hour, with less than 80 bucks to invest. Amen.

But I get it!

Right now you’re probably feeling nauseous at the mere thought of your About Page and it kinda makes you wanna build a blanket fort to crawl into and never ever come out again for the rest of your life.
But it doesn’t have to be like this — AT ALL!

There’s a painless, stressless and faster way to come up with your crazy-converting, 108% authentic and unique About Page that costs less than a dinner for two.

Am I Crazy?

Possibly. But if there’s one thing I know for certain, it’s that your About Page is the YOU of your entire business.

So how are you choosing to present yourself?

Oh, you’re thinking your About Page isn’t that important? Doesn’t have that much of an impact?

Think again, buttercup.

Did you know that...

  • your About Page is one of THE most visited pages of your entire website?

  • especially people who hit your site for the first time will check out your About Page immediately to decide whether they like you or not (= leave and never come back)?

  • sadly for many businesses the About Page is the EXIT PAGE because it puts people to sleep instead of turning them into excited and loyal buyers?

  • taking your About Page from client-repelling to strategically awesome will not only increase conversions but also the amount of money each client will spend on your stuff by up to 22%? (That’s almost a quarter!!! Math.)

Writing a crazy-converting, authentic About Page that turns people into life-long fans and loyal buyers isn’t a talent that only a few chosen ones are gifted with.

It’s a strategic tool and a learnable skill that anyone can excel at — if you have a tested and proven system to follow.

Which is exactly what I’m gonna give you in my Crazy-Converting About Page guide.

So that you never ever have to dress your awesome self in an old, smelly garbage bag and put a big freakin’ banana peel on top of your pretty head but can finally slip into that glamorous, irresistible Valentino robe and enchant, convince and convert the shit out of everyone who hits your About Page.

Yes? Yes.

Here’s exactly what I’ll teach you in my Crazy-Converting About Page Guide so that you can get rid of your About-Page-shame for good and never again repel clients because they don’t know shit about what you actually do:

  • the 6 things your About Page REALLY needs to accomplish for you if you want to grow your business like crazy (forget about your credentials and lame 3rd-person-bios)

  • The Platinum Rule for About Pages and why breaking this one rule alone will break YOUR neck when it comes to getting new clients for your biz

  • My proven prep-work formula that will basically write your About Page content for you

  • How much information is too much information and how to avoid boring your readers to death with your copy

  • Why you’re leaving out 97% of potential clients when you make this one mistake (and how to escape that trap forever)

  • My secret and highly effective editing technique that will save you hours and ramp up your sales with no extra effort

  • My foolproof 7-step formula that takes you by the hand and walks you through the entire process of writing a crazy-converting, authentic About Page without having 3 minor heart attacks and starting to smoke pot (again) from all the stress

I know exactly what you want.

You want your competition to cringe when they read your new about page and your ideal customers to send you raving love emails, because they love your copy so freakin’ much that they now want to give you all their money so that YOU can finally stroll down the red carpet to the Oscars’ and sip on your passion fruit (virgin) margarita on a paradise beach in Mexico the next day if you want.
Chances are – I’ll meet you there! ;)

YOU are unique. Special. Important.

YOU are very much needed in this world.

Now how bad would it suck if the right people came to your website (which, as you know is already hard to achieve), in desperate need of your help, with their dollar bills in their hands, eager and excited to buy all your products and services… but then they read your about page, have no idea what the f you’re talking about, and click the friendly little x-button in the corner without ever coming back to your website again. EVERRR.

I’m not gonna let that happen to you!

With my Crazy-Converting About Page Guide you get:

  1. 7 Foolproof Steps that will eradicate your About-Page anxiety and make writing simple, easy and fun for you

  2. Bonus Writing Tips for every single step that give you specific tricks and guidance on HOW to write so that you get your voice, tone and style right and are 100% authentic

  3. Practical and relatable examples that show and don’t just tell so that you really understand what I’m talking about and it’s easy for you to implement everything you learn

  4. Hands-Down-Do-It-Now exercises that push you out of your good old comfort zone and into your zone of awesomeness where you create insanely amazing results

  5. The occasional inappropriate and possibly politically incorrect joke because why the hell not?

This ain’t your regular freebie, 2-page, superficial, wannabe-guide that only gives you the information you can freakin’ google yourself on a lazy Sunday afternoon. This is an intensive session with me printed into a pretty little PDF for you to DIY your About Page like a pro.

You’re welcome.

So why on earth should you listen to me?

  • I successfully created authentic copy that sells in a loving way for 100+ clients from over 14 different countries (and in 2 different languages)

  • Marie Forleo happily shared my story with her entire email list in the B-school launch in spring 2014 just because of ONE email I sent to her (talk about the power of words)

  • Created opt-in copy that got 3 TIMES more subscribers for my client even though the number of people visiting the website remained the same— in only 2 weeks flat

  • I started to work in advertising when I was sweet 16 I’m a lawyer. I know that EVERY SINGLE WORD counts and can make all the difference in the world. Literally.

  • Had people pay me more than USD 3000 when I didn’t even have a website and nobody knew who the fuck I was — just because of the drool-worthy copy I posted on Facebook

  • I gots real long hair. Dontcha love it? ;)

But most importantly? I care about YOU.
Your success. And your sanity.

I want you to be able to feel proud and confident about your About Page, knowing for certain that it actively supports your business in earning that cash AND representing the true you in a way that makes your ideal people become your loyal fans for life. Period.

You KNOW that you’ve been playing small for too long, my friend. I say that NOW is your time to shine! Don’t snooze and wait for your competition to serve all your clients and prospects before you even get the chance to send them a single newsletter! Get my Crazy-Converting About Page Guide today and start converting your prospects into loyal fans for life right now!

It’s not $200 + half of your soul. It’s not even $100. Hell, it’s just a small $77.

I know I shouldn’t give this away so cheap but I really want you to be able to benefit from this game-changing information without having to eat grilled cheese sandwiches or buy your sexy lingerie at Target for the next 2 months.

Hannah is an expert at what she does – there is no wastage or general advice when it comes to working with her. I would particularly recommend Hannah to people who have a website that is not delivering the results they need it to – something is missing and it’s probably the killer copy! Working with Hannah is like a hot yoga class – you’ll need to sweat. But once it’s done you will feel so good and will deliver the results your business needs.

Lucy Sheridan @

Hannah has the magic touch when it comes to bringing out your brand online with words! She has created many sales pages for my online business Sue B. Zimmerman – and they all convert! Hannah always created results for my business. If you want to stand out from the crowd you have to work with her!


So let me ask you this:

Are you ready to convert like crazy?

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My newsletter sign-ups have doubled within 2 weeks! I even wrote some sales material today and ENJOYED it! My copy is so much better because now I finally know what I was doing right and wrong. I feel SO much more confident when I’m writing for my website, newsletter and blog. I definitely recommend Hannah and her services to anyone who wants to run a successful online business or blog. Hannah is extremely thorough! Her step by step instructions are so easy to follow that she’s basically doing the work for you! I’m a Hannah advocate!


Hannah is the Copy Queen, the Website Mama and your personal business girlfriend. Honestly, I LOVE her! I adore her no bullshit attitude, her direct raw, authentic voice, her sexy style and even her music taste ;). She is the absolute Maximizer, whether you are just starting out or already flying high – believe me: she can and will take you higher! She helped me to identify weak spots in the structure of my website, the formatting and of course the copy. She encouraged me to tell my story and find my authentic copy voice. Did I say I love her? You will too!


Hey, you’re still here!
Got some questions? Yay, I got answers for you!

Q: 77 bucks is a lot for a PDF... I’m not sure I wanna spend that kind of money.

A: I see your point. BUT if you hire a good copywriter to write your About Page, you’d have to spend at least 400 bucks. If you hire me to write your entire copy, you have to spend $1999. A single session with me is $249 (and the prices will go up very soon) and this is basically a session with me printed into a pdf so that you can DIY it AND save $172! And think of all the money your new about page will make you! If you can just convert one person into a buying client, you get the return on your investment (AND much, much more than that.)

Q: I’m scared to do it myself. What if my About page still sucks after this?

A: Well, it will at least suck a little bit less. No I’m just kidding ;) I hear ya! And I promise to walk you through every step with love and crystal clarity so that you know exactly what to do and how to do it. Having a tested and proven system in place WILL get you results and as entrepreneurs, we’re never striving for perfection anyways. Perfection is lame and boring and your new About Page is gonna be the exact opposite of that!

Q: How can I trust you that this isn’t another 2-page guide that only teaches me the stuff I can freakin’ Google myself?

A: This is a proven step-by-step system based on everything I know about converting, authentic copy that sells. it’s designed to get you results and it will. If you can find in-depth information like that on Google, I’m happy to give you your money back. I believe in going hard or going home, so I put the very best I got into this document for you. (Oh and it’s more than 2 pages, I can guarantee ;)

Q: What if I don’t have time to do this?

A: Coming up with the content will take you less than an hour with this guide. I’d suggest that you then step away from it for a day to let all the good stuff settle. Then you come back and edit and if you use the technique I share with you in the guide, you’re gonna have your brand new, crazy-converting About Page up and running in no time. If you’re just lazy and don’t wanna invest the time because you’d rather paint your toenails then I’d say stop making excuses! That’s just resistance trying to keep you from doing the things that will get you the most results. So don’t let it fool ya!

So here’s my final Q for you:

Are YOU ready to convert like crazy?

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  • 45 Minute Strategy Session with me on Skype

  • I’ll review and edit your copy LIVE on the call!

  • Personal guidance and support from me

  • $497-value for just $247 (no kidding)

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save $250 and I’ll review your about page in our 1-on-1 strategy call

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